Deskwanted reaches 1000 coworking spaces – becomes biggest coworking portal, a Berlin-based startup, welcomed its 1000th listed coworking space, a milestone that mirrors the growth of the flexible workspace movement. Deskwanted‘s global community of collaborative workspaces and independent workers represents over 50 countries worldwide.

The website, which acts as a portal to find and book coworking spaces and shared offices, has enjoyed a new growth spurt in recent weeks, following a redesign and renewed media attention. User activity on Deskwanted has doubled in the past eight weeks, with more people both searching for workspace and listing available desks.

The addition of the 1000th listing confirms Deskwanted as the biggest coworking-focused search, booking and management site on the web. It differentiates itself from other office search sites by customizing for coworking spaces and shared offices, with tools to help manage a collaborative workspace.

By offering online organization tools – such as coworker information management and meeting room bookings – Deskwanted allows any office to become a shared workspace.

“We want every office to become a shared office, and every flexible worker to become a member of our community,” said Joel Dullroy, co-founder of Deskwanted and its sister site Deskmag. “Coworking spaces are setting an example of openness and collaboration that all traditional offices should follow.”

For the past ten months Deskwanted has been a resident of the YouIsNow incubator, run by Immobilienscout24, Europe’s biggest real estate portal.

Deskwanted will finish its year-in-residence at Immobilienscout24’s YouIsNow lab in September, having received development support, business coaching and expert mentoring.


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